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tv   ABC7 News 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  November 2, 2015 9:00pm-10:01pm PST

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>> rain and hail pound the bay area with more than an inch falling in someplaces. here you can see some minor flooding in concord. >> in the sierra it's snowing. chain restriction in effect. crew checking for chains along highway 50 and cal-trans video from twin bridges and myers. good evening. >> let's begin with 7 news meteorologist sandhya and live doppler 7 hd. >> yes. things really quieted down in the bay area. let look at doppler and take you back in time as to what it looked like
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early this afternoon and evening. numerous thunderstorms develop up to the north and work their way down to the east bay so basically moving from north to south east and those are the thunderstorms that dropped the heavy rain along with the hail. so there were a couple of reports of hail from solano counties to the contra costa county area and rainfall total, well, a lot of it fell this morning in places like move it field where 1.38 inches accumulating under inch and a half in livermore. redwood city over an inch. half inch in san francisco. nap a.a little less than that in oakland. san rafael about a third and notice santa rosa didn't pick up as much eights normally does. quarter inch of rain. chains required on state route 88 and 4 and snow still fall in the sierra and winter storm warning until 10:00 p.m. tonight. another three inches here where winter weather advisory is up right now. i'll be back to let you know what is
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in store for tomorrow morning commute and if you will see another repeat of today's rain. >> all right sandhya thank you so much. 2 road east of livermore closed of mud slide. alameda county public works agency said one slide came down on party son pass rochltd also several slides on tesla road. lillian tweeted this picture of a car that hit a muddy spot on corral hollow road east of livermore and spun off the road. live report on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. >> take a look. did you get any hail where you live today. storm cell dumped hail on parts of the bay area for about an hour this afternoon. mostly in the north and east bay t.lee ann kay shared the video with us. thanks lee ann. >> there was hail in napa valley too. this is a photo taken on highway 29 near saint helena. christian took the picture. >> about 2:15 it was big rain drops coming down filled the street almost halfway to the top of the curb.
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>> running water in the street. >> yes. >> running from the high point down to the low point on the strichlt over the yellow line. >> yes that much water. >> that quick yes probably 40 minutes total of rain in a row. >> also concern in leak county where fire burned this summer leaving the hill sides prone to mud slides. flash flood warning had been issued for parts of lake and yolo kochbilitys warning has been called off. was called off after couple hours rain of course has to run off somewhere and while there were no reports of mainly flooding in urban areas the run off certainly is changing local creek and rivers. david louiep! has the story. 0. >> duck look happy and the spill way near the trail here was drawing plenty of attentio attention. >> few years sense i have seen this much rain. i mean this much water in the creek. >>reporter: does it give you hope. >> it does. my plants are very happy e-this jogger well comment wren although he wasn't ready for it. >> actually left my sneeshing
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out last tonight and i woke up about 5:00 a.m. and they were completely drenched. kind of bumped out about but tleebing brought side haven't had rain good thing eshingts rain committed some street flooding turning a traffic license on me rid an avenue in a leak. power outage too on stockton navy san jose. but the rain also justified homeowner whose took the plunge and had rain water collection foot roof with 1 inch of rain will be about 1200 gallons of water e-brad daniel owner rain safer with custom scene system using variety of tank and barrels. >> most homeowner ins the bay area don't have the space to do large elaborate systems. but these tanks anywhere from 200 to 2000 gallon they fit an they are not complex. fairly simpl simple. >>reporter: so generally we are talking about under 1,000 dollars. >> for the afternoon systems yes. >>reporter: homeowner says friend are skeptical at fears. >> look at me funny when i tell them how quickly the peril fight i usually bring them over
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and show the system you can hear the hollow on the top and something in it in the bottom. >>reporter: in saratoga abc 7 news. >> 2 people were injured in traffic after early morning big rig crash in livermore. happened as rain fell around 2:15 this morning. all liens on i-5 80 were closed until 1:30 this afternoon. we see the back up after a truck carrying 30,000 pounds of frozen chicken overturned. the big regular driver suffered broken ribs and the driver of another vehicle had minor injuries. check that out. this is what it looked like late this afternoon crossing over the bridge here heading into vallejo. you can see the rain was coming down quite har hard. >> pg&e crew have been extra busy sense today storm rolled through. 7 news was in oakland fruitvale district where crew repaired several outages. at
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the peak more than 7000 customers were without power around the bay area. pg&e brought in extra crew to make the repair as quickly as they could but one on 37 avenue took long wler a transformer caught fire and burned a power pole. >> this rain in the bay area means snow in the situationary a.the tahoe area saw it first major snow fall of the season take. just look at the video. video sent to us from kirk wood mountain resort you can see they got several inches. carlos has more. >> snow fell for much of the day in the higher elevation at 6700 feet the town of soda springs was covered with white the the sfo. >> pretty excited for it. first snow of the year. >> first snowstorm of the season brought nice change upsetting for those who live in the high country. even for mark recent transplant from nap 8. first winter up here. blue canyon gets a lot of snow and rain too so it will be kind of of interesting. >>reporter: while mark 2 dog
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may still be adjusting to the cold weather, one of them didn't seem to mind playing in the snow. >> so peace full. you get out in the white and it's just it's real calming. even the dogs were looking out the window in the car. >>reporter: past few years it hasn't been all fun and games for business that is rely on strong winter season. the drought is to blame. >> sometimes we get a lot of snow in september and then nothing if december so it was kind of a good sign this career that we didn't get the snow in september. so with it come this late like this i think it's going to keep ongoing. >>reporter: that's the hope at least for many of the ski resorts banking on strong el nino year this storm could be early indication of what is to come. some people may need more than just hot chocolate to keep warm. >> yes. we sold a lot of electric or in the last up el days and a are the of hot food for lunch out of the deli bus of the cold weather e-road conditions out here very slick very wet so if you are in the area heading to tahoe be advised to use caution and
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bring your tire chain. at donner summit, abc 7 news. >> tell napa sent us this picture of the hail this afternoon. share your picture and video of rain where you live by using the hash-tag abc 7 now we may use them on license or on air. on line wohl be this site. >> that storm to the storm affecting the 49ers. meanwhile change tonight. 7 sports confirmed that collin will not start next sunday game against the falcons. >> sports anchor mike is here with moyvrment you called this. >> well no surprise here. it was just a matter of time when the 49 worse make the move. we cop firm that the wayne will start at levi stapled repleasing kaepernick as quarterback. this was sealed on the play sunday when he didn't see uncovered smith at the bottom of the screen. he's not reading what the defense gives him or seeing the entire field. wide receiver have complained all season about being open and cap not finding
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them or reading defense that is would take him to the open man. offensive line hasn't helped the production but more than. that 49ers though no more guarantee money to kaepernick after the 2015 season and they can release him by april first with no damage to the salary cap. they would save 9.4 million if they release him. blaine was tenth over all pick in 2011 by jacksonville sew has a pedigree but hasn't start add game since 2013. he will be game manager like alec smith was getting ball to the play makers. 49ers had to make the move and if he has any success he will probably start the rest of the season. trade deadline tomorrow at 1:00 p.m. 49ers made the move to tell other teams around the league that kaepernick might be available for the trade and take cap off their hands for the rest of the season. so i think this is c they decided to do it this week instead of waiting until after the by. >> interesting. >> more in sports coming up. >> big deal. >> yes. >> we have much more ahead for
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you on this monday night. coming up here. air bnb in the spotlight again. why the world is watching critical vote tomorrow in san francisco. also. the e.coli scare at popular mexican restaurant chain. >> an will we see even more rain this week? sandhya is back with the full sandhya is back with the full
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>> tomorrow is election day. not the big one for president that we are all following exploratorium voters deciding a number of proposition dealing with the city housing shortage. supporters of proposition f say short-term rental mr. form are part of the problem like air bnb. millions of dollars have been spent to doe feet the issue. here's sergio. >>reporter: millions of dollars have been spent by opponent of proposition f most of the money has come from air bnb. san francisco home owners who host air bnb guest like pwrous bennett say they already have to recommend sister with the city under recently passed ordinance. >> we are a host situation where we rent out spare bedroom in our house. we have been doing that sense february of 2 2014. we have had zero complaints from our neighbors. >> bennett and other opponents of prop f says it goes too are if a. massive billboard plays autopsy story lean in the campaign. claims prop f will
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pit neighbor against neighbor and prompt fellow resident to spy on each other and file law sichlts air bnb doesn't care about neighbor suing neighbor. y allow anybody's to sue air bnb. >>reporter: he's one of the architect of prop f. even recently passed ordinance isn't helping. only few hundred host legally registered with the city but still thousands of daily rental available on air 300,000 dollars. 0respondent spent 8 million dollars. but facing tough odd. win or lose krl son plans on taking the effort beyond san francisco. >> we have had conversation was people in los angeles, santa monica kashtion portland, austin, chicago, new york, washington, d.c. there is a lot of interest in this bus it's causing so many problems. >> if it passes prop f may not hit air bnb too hard because san francisco is a fraction of the short-term rental that lists around the world but would be symbolic loss for
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company born here. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> despite some controversial balance let mrs. voter turn out expected to be low tomorro tomorrow. wouldn't know it by city hall activity. we were at the department of election and as people cast their about lot early. 65,000 voters turned in the mailen ballot. about what election officials predicted. they are expecting over all turn out of 42 percent. >> our projection is they are tied to what is happening. businessed on what is happening in the past and trend usually continue. >>reporter: polling place open at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow. san francisco voters can also drop-off the mail if ballot at drive through booth set up outside city hall. >> somebody in car opened fire on another vehicle on interstate 80 in san pablo. man wounds entered critical condition tonight. we see the scene. investigators believe the gun man sped away. they don't know if the victim was shot while driving. the investigation shut down 2 west
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bound liens of 80 through san pablo east of the san may be lo damp road exit reopening at 7:30 tonight. >> health alert popular mexican restaurant is taking drastic action. temporarily closing 43 restaurants in washington and other g.o.p. after 22 people got sick. tonight health officials are investigating whether e.coli is to blame. here's neal. >>reporter: the decision was dramatic and swift. popular mexico condition food chain closing 43 of the restaurants in oregon and washington state. tell would be pay the respect greeted with this message on the door. we are closed due to supply chain issue. so far at least 3 victims have been sicken by e.coli in portland and 19 outside seattle. 8 of them bad enough to be hospitalized. >> the excruciating pain in my abdomen was serving never experienced. >>reporter: health officials say most but in the all victims said they recently ate at one
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of 6 chipotle. they close location in the 2 states even though the contamination hasn't been directly linked to them. sta snaiing a statement the safety well-being of our customers is always our highest priority. >> shutting down restaurants is a good way to go until you know how severe this is going to be. >>reporter: because symptoms take more than a week to show up health officials expect the number of victims to rise. the thinks abc news issaquah, washington. >> well as the rain again to clear tonight we had an incredible sunset. >> yes we sure d.check out the time lapse video out toward the golden game. almost like like it was painted. beautiful. >> magnificent. let's get the full forecast from sand why who is here with the latest. >> yes. quite a down. hangup the umbrella. and bring out the shade because it is definitely going to be is bright one tomorrow and let's lock at live doppler 7hd and clouds clearing and most of the
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wet weather has shifted off to the east. it's in the central valley and sierra nevada where they are seeing snow. here's what you need to know. temperatures are really running significantly cooler than yesterday at this time. by good 10 to 15 degree ins many years. that means it is going to be chilly first they think tomorrow morning. from the sutro tower cam are san francisco looking good. temperatures 57 degrees here. 52 oak land. 50's to this yea year. live look from the east bay hills camera. really across the bay you can see for miles. temperatures are all in the 50's from santa rosa to concord but 49 degrees right now in nap a.we are expecting those numbers to drop even more toward morning. from our emeryville camera locking pretty good. chilly start tomorrow morning. mostly sunny the next several days and there are possible changes this weekend. computer model not in complete agreement on that one so we talk about that in a moment. cold front came through. brought us cooler ai air. brought the thunderstorms this afternoon with the brief downpour and hail in the sierra
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it's dump the snow. as we turn to what is ahead high pressure is come in. so the region builds in we see clearing sky behind the system and it is going to be a chilly one. as a matter of fact it's chilly for few mornings ahead. santa rosa temperature trend tomorrow morning in the low 40's. we keep it going down at bit by friday morning. you both bottom out at 39 degree so definitely time of 84 where you need to pull out the sweaters. heavy coats. things are changing. first they think tomorrow morning 40 degree ins napa dropping down to 41 in santa rosa. 46 morgan hill. san rafael. 51 in san francisco. 52 oakland. 48 san jose and 49 degrees for new antioch. tomorrow afternoon expect the sun to come out and the temperatures to bounce really quickly into the 60's except santa rosa 70 degrees. 64 san francisco. 68 oakland. 67 in palo alto. san jose 66 degrees. inland east bay antioch livermore you are about 68 degrees. now when you lock
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at the accu-weather 7 difficult forecast you will notice throws not whole lot of change in terms of our temperatures. there could be a little patch or 2 of fog next few mornings. low 60's to low 70's. start to see a little pit of change going into the wean. cloud cover increases first then on sunday one computer mold goes with the chance of rain by afternoon evening. the other computer model is dry. so when they captain figure out what is going on we don't want to put the written drops on there we'll wait an see but right now i'm hoping the weather computer model actually we understand out for sunday. >> i have 2 bucks on the computer. >> thanks. the the. >> thanks sandhya. >> all right still to come on 7 news9s at fen:00. steve jobs vision is taking shape. >> progress report on a el> >> progress report on a el> space ship headquarters. stay
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>> apple space ship is taking shape. september the drone up over the project and posted video on you tube. apple tu campus locate add mile from the cupertino headquarters. 2.8 million square feet of office space and enough space in the middle to fit levi stadium. also have a fitness center, auditorium for hosting event and visitor center complete with observation deck, cafe and apple store. it could be completed by the end of next year. abc 7 annual give where you live thanksgiving food drive kicked off today at redwood empire food bank in santa rosa. spencer met with some of the 4400 volunteers. all together
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they do tonight more than 8 to helpours each yearwd than sort, pack and box more than 15 million pounds of food. this food helps feed the 82,000 people in sonoma couldn't considered fooden secure. now if you want to help it's easy text the word feed to the no. 8 007 7 for 10 dollar do initial to help those in need this holiday season. >> dabsing with the stars competitors show the judges what they have got in week 8 and we have a look at northern california favorite. >> the national hero alex and his "dancing with the stars"partner lindsay are giving us an inside look at the rehearsal. the see what goes into competing for the mirror ball trophy on channel 7. >> another half hour of 7 news at 9:00 is neck. coming up. mid-air catastrophe over egypt. bomb. missile. something
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mechanical one top u.s. official well not rule out isi isis. >> get out of my car or i'll call the police. >> uber driver attacked by his passenger. how the driver defeped him situation. and the debate over the debate. what donald trump now says must happen before he will get on the stage again e.another half the stage again e.another half hour of 7 news
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>> good evening once again. we begin the half hour with the russian passenger jet that fell out of the sky over he jim. all 224 people on board were killed. >> there was no distress call. simply broke apart and tonight there are 3 main theories emerging. >> the kremlin says it's fought ruling out terrorism. alex is
9:30 pm
on the ground in egypt. >> the vast desert now littered with charred wreckage and signs of the victims. child shoe. passport. tonight new mystery swirling around whether brought the plane down. just today the u.s. not denying the possibility of terrorism. after isis link group claim responsibility. >> does isis have the ability to shoot down an airliner. >> it's unlikely but i wouldn't rule it out. >>reporter: the flight full of tourist took off at 6:00 a.m. on saturday from egypt for st. petersburg, russian a.before boarding the parents of 10 month old baby post ago photo with the caption passenger in chef. this father daughter smiling as they walk up the steps. after reaching 31,000 feet the, 23 minutes after take off it disappeared from radar with no distress call. authorities agree the large did he blow field 8 square miles means that the plane broke up in the air an not on the groun
9:31 pm
ground. but why? 3 main theories emerging. first a missile. though this hasn't been ruled out intelligence officials say militant in the area aren't known to have weapons that reach that high. bomb on board. kremlin today not ruling out some type of terrorism. and the airline metro jet insisting today that external influence is to blame. not technical failure or pilot error. but mechanic consolidate or structural failure remain a strong possibility. co-pilot ex-wife telling russian tv he had complained about the plane state even on the morning of the crash. records also show that 2001 the plane tail hit the runway known as a tail streak. today many of the bodies arrived in russia. the parents of 29-year-old the person on vacation with girlfriend weeping befnouw they went to the morgue. now his mother said we don't understand at the time point of living. black box recovered. crash
9:32 pm
site said to be in good condition but one egyptian aviation official said today that the result ofzgó the investigation could take up to a year. alex, abc 7 news he jim. emission cheating scandal involving volkswagen expanding. epa claims the german auto maker installed illegal software in 10,000 new vehicle. new cushion include diesel suv model of porsche and audi. in september they admitted to cheating emission testing on 11 million cars. volkswagen released statement today saying no software has been installed in the 3 liter v 6 diesel power unit to alter emission characteristic in forbidden manner. >> now to trouble attack. all caught on camera. driver of uber car was blind-sided by the passenger and tonight the flip side. what the drivers know about you as well when you get into their car. here's matt. >>reporter: edward used to drive for uber. but after this
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beating not any more. passenger benjamin golden was side to side in the back seat. he says golden seemed so drunk he couldn't even tell him his december ty naichlingts you have to 5 me directions. why do i have to give you directio direction. >>reporter: when golden began cursing at him he turned his dash cam around and told golden this uber ride is over. >> i'm kicking you out. >>reporter: the bar rnl of punches caught by camera. but the driver fights back. watch him pepper spray his assailant. taxi are safer because they have a partition between the driver and passenger but when you use uber, uber knows who you are. has your name. phone number and your credit card number. we have been unable to reach golden who faces charges of assault and public drunkenness but uber has.en forming him he's now banned for life on uber. matt, abc news
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los angeles. wow! now to the republican race for the white house. new poll numbers are in showing ben carson in the lead followed by donald trump and marco rubio. now late word from trump saying he will negotiate with the debate host on his own. here's tom. >>reporter: tonight as many of the republican presidential candidates unite, hoping to take control of future debates, donald trump says he will negotiate for himself. >> network are making a fortune with the debates. we should be like a basketball player. we should go on strike and say we want money. for wounded warrior. or we want money for grit charity. >>reporter: trump isn't signing a letter many other campaign plan to send to television network. demanding for at least 30 seconds of opening and closing statements. no gotcha lightning round and no show of hand question. >> raise your hand now if you won't make that pledge tonight. the mr. trump. >>reporter: remember how some
9:35 pm
of the candidate were sweating under the bright lights? they now want to keep debate hall below 67 degrees. someone who has big boost from the doe bait senator rubio. today trump slam ing him as light wet. >> i think he's an over rated person. i don't think he's going to make it. >>reporter: jeb bush reveals close friend also taking a swing today. >> challenges we faces a a nation are too great to roll the dice on another presidential experiment. >>reporter: bush today trying to relaunch his struggling campaign with new slogan. >> i can fix it. >>reporter: bush admits he's getting lots of advice. >> take off the suit coat. ditch the glasses. get rid of the purple stripe tie. i like the tie. >>reporter: but late tonight his campaign communication director tweeting out jeb has a few week of bad poll. come back take time. we recognize and prepared for that. jeb bush says republicans should
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move forward with the doe bait on spanish language network that is partnering with nbc. that show down suspended after the much criticized cnbc debate but bush says it should happen. this is abc news new york. well the dow is back in the black for 2015. wall street indicator up 165 points and nasdaq up 73. and the s&p 500 was up 25 points today. it soared more than 8% in the month of october. that's the best monthly performance sense october of 2011. in other business news visa spending up to 23 billion dollars to buy former subsidiary visa yuvrment the deal gives the foster city company a chance to cut cost and raise fees. shares of visa fell 3 percent on the news. >> meg ran the bell at the new york stock change this morning as the new company began trie trieding. hp deals with commercial computer systems and
9:37 pm
software. hp x says p c an printer. it's the biggest split up in silicon valley history. >> google said it expects to begin delivering packages to customers by drone with the next two years. >> flying over our head. >> coming up next on 7 news at fen:00. there is a lot to talk about. positive already ice cap melting. but is it true?
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>> okay exploratorium is famous for the fog. the but thinks incredible. this amazing new
9:41 pm
video posted on you tube show planes he mentaling from the thick fog and disappearing again as they land in the 94 zero visibility at london heathrow airport. second day in a row the severe fog causing major delay and cancellations. heathrow expecting much of the same tomorrow. how they cap land a single plane in that is amazing. >> new nasa study says that antarctica gaining more ice than it is losing. but scientist is saying it's not that climate change is slowing down. the ice sheet gained 112 billion tons of ice per year from 1992 to 2001. that slowed to 82 bill tons of ice per year between 2008 and may take only a few decade for antarctica growth to reverse. >> new study on vitamin d suggest taking the supplement can lower bloop. now small pilot researchers in england found it improve exercise performance and lower risk of heart disease. next step to do
9:42 pm
a larger study to confirm the results. >> robin williams widow is breaking her silence in an exclusivex husband's suicide and how she's healing. >> you have regrichlts not for one second. the not for one second. the i know we did everything we could. >> you can watch the entire interview on good morning america tomorrow from 7 to 9 am. that's right after abc 7 morning news over on channel 7. up next here on 7 news at 9:00. the tiny house trichbilityd under 250 square feet. it's not that big. >> but next you see how technology is m
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>> people in central wyoming calling this the crack. it's fisher 50 yards wide and 100 feet deep in someplaces. hunter who found it started small but within a few week it grew 52 the length of 6 football fields. geologist say it was formed by a slow moving land slide. >> could you live in a home that's only 210 square feet? jonathan stepped inside a tiny house today built by a big tech company with a big vision. >>reporter: tucked away in san francisco parking lot realtor might describe this house as cozy. very cozy. >> how many square feet. >> 210. >>reporter: built by chip maker chip maker real life mick row apartment. >> this is how they are starting to live and all starting to live. city are
9:47 pm
getting more populated. and so people are which ising tiny over big. >>reporter: kyle designed the house which doesn't feel tiny. >> we have an office. we have a bedroom. wave living room and kitchen all in this tiny little space. >>reporter: but one thing it doesn't have. a door bell. with facial recognition and voice everything in the home automated. turn off throughout a tiny central computer. basically the heart and brain of the home. >>reporter: all of this is not to say that intel wants to get in the home building business. quite the opposite. they want to simplify the process of making a home smart so that home builders focus on building homes. >> let us do the unsexy work of the plumbing. that goes along with that infrastructure. >> spoking of plumbing. >> we put the moisture sensor in a plate of water. >>reporter: the director showed us household headaches. >> tablet recognizes the leak. >>reporter: detected and cured with a click. >> select the plumber. have the ability to book a date. >>reporter: no need for
9:48 pm
burglar alarm. computer knows the sound of breaking glass and the sound of ordinary smoke detector. because city dwel dwellers doing more with less shouldn't technology dot same. >> computer i'm leaving. >>reporter: in san francisco, 7 news. >> wow! nasa tonight is commemorating the 15th anniversary of the international space station with a country music video. check it out. they can benefit for humanity. through new science and technology. 200 people have lived on board, hero of earth who are driven to explore. >> the twang too. it was on this day in 2000 that the first 3 astronauts 2 americans and russian stepped into the space station to live and work. it has been 10allyen habited ever since. now one of the astronauts currently living there, scott kelly tweeted this
9:49 pm
photo this afternoon. he says quote know better place to sell brit 15 years on station thanks for the hospitality. >> cool. >> all right time for one last check on our weather. >> sandhya is here. sound like the rain is done for now. >> it is. as you take a look i'm going to remind you of the rain. stormy sky from our mount tam camera the rain came in. we saw thunderstorms across parts of the bay year. we haven't seen rain significant rain like this in about 2 to 300 days. so we are going back almost an entire year and you can see the rain drops on the lens. we show you most of the activity has shifted off to the east. so we are not seeing much here. just some cloud cover and in the sierra we continue to keep in some snow showers. 39 in taho tahoe. down south seeing the scattered showers with potential for thunderstorms. upper 60's los angeles san diego here in the bay area all in the 60's except santa rose
9:50 pm
at 70 degrees and plenty of sun for your tuesday. look at the accu-weather 7 day forecast. temperatures will change very also for most of the work week. going into the weekend a little milder bay inland and then the cloud cover increases sunday we may have some changes which may include rain but it wouldn't be until sunday afternoon evening if we get anything. >> thanks. >> metallica help kick off super bowl 50 celebration. the the band will rock the park in san francisco on february sixt sixth. that is superbowl eve. lead singer made announcement this morning on radio station live 105. tickets go on sale friday morning at 10:00. >> that will rock the place hoychlt yes. >> all right. on to sports. lots to talk about. huge change in the 49ers. >> absolutely. shoe what's going on. >> a little shake up. financially made the move. quarterback gavin told he will start sunday against the falcons at levi stadium. kaepernick benched first time in his career and he earned the
9:51 pm
demotion with this play this demotion with this play this
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so. >> coming up tonight at 11:00. valley fire devastated napa and leak county but tonight the danger is not over. the new worry for residents now. >> and go behind the scenes of "dancing with the stars". we have exclusive access to trained hero alex and his rehearsal on the hit show. >> those stories and more coming up on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. drama with the 49ers. >> yes. 2 major moves day. that's right. 2. i was going to say. 49ers are shake it up guys. we have confirmed that blaine will start at quarterback against the falcons on sunday. kaepernick heads to the bench. gavin told this afternoon change was made. could have waited until the by week this move had to be made i'm surprised it hasn't happened syrian. this play sunday he didn't see smith at the bottom of the screen. uncovered. that would have resulted in a 98 yard touch down. this is why the
9:55 pm
receivers have complained about kaepernick all season. he doesn't read what defense are giving him or see wide open receiver down the field. he finally being exposed as one dimension quarterback this beat you with his leg but not quarterback instivrjt offensive line has been horrendous that hadn't helped the cause no. guarantee money oweed to him after the 2015 season. waive by april first with no salary cap ramification. they would save 9.4 million dollars toward the cap. he was a pick by jacksonville and has pedigree but hasn't started a game since 2013. game manager like alec smith a little bit getting the ball to the play maker. 49 hers to make the move and if he has any success he may start the rest of the season. busy day at camp 49er. early they traded 2 time pro bowl tight end davis to the broncos. 31-year-old has struggled the past 2 seasons with injuries and production has gone way down. he caught 13 touch downs
9:56 pm
in 2013 t.first tight end to do so. only tight end in nfl history with multiple 13 touch year in game one. 49ers get 6 round pick in 20 16 and 17 and also send a seventh round pick to denver for next year. vernon spent entire 10 year career with the niners rank first in touch downs reception and receiving yard a building for tight end coming in to the season. the deal is up after this year but he was a real lead interthe locker room. he will be missed and broncos general manager elway loves whether he's getting. >> i have always liked vernon. a guy that is the the 2 or 3 years ago had he 13 touch down passes and can stretch the field and tremendous speed and athletic ability. so he's one of the guys that tight end can catch your eye all the time. >>reporter: raiders took a huge step in their development yesterday knocking off the 4 and 2 jets who had the top rank defense in the afc. car just pwoused the jets secondary. strong for 3 33 yards and 4
9:57 pm
touch downs. crabtree big difficult over 100 yard. receiving murray ran for over 100 yards himself. this time is full of confidence and currently fifth in the 6 available play off spot. games to be played steelers up next in pittsburgh. here's jack del rio today. >> 4 and 3 time. we have battled each and every week. we are going to continue to battle each and every week. talented people across the league in coaching. talented time we go in their place hostile environment. plenty of challenges in front of us. plenty to worry about in terms of improving ourselves. being a better football time going forward. and the you know so much work to be done. >>reporter: rainy monday night carolina hosting indy and luck leading the colts back from 17 down. 8 yard touch down to to former stanford tighten. tied at 23. in o t carry loin a wins when graham kicked 52
9:58 pm
yard field goal. undefeated 2 29-26 final. first time in history 4 teams started 7 and o. warriors hosting memphis. fourth time this year. curry named player of the year this week and keep the scoring average against the grizzly. 53 saturday in new orleans. close game in the first quarte quarter. green misses but he's there for the put back. start of big night for him. the blocking randolph in the defensive end. golden state and second quarter andre lob it. half court to barns. he throws it down. on the break. steff up ahead to clay and emphatic put back. warriors led 47-31. third quarter. this time again from barns first ever double double tonight. steff in on the action. staelts inbound pass. circus shot in and the foul. 28 points in 30 minutes. memphis is a good time and
9:59 pm
golden state rolls them 119-69. warriors now 4 and o. 7 sports report brought to you by toyota. kaepernick turns 28 tomorrow. not the birthday he was looking for. >> thanks thanks for joining us. >> for all of us here, we appreciate your time. >> we'll see you at 11:00 on >> we'll see you at 11:00 on channel 7.
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